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A Comprehensive Approach

As a part of our investment banking services, Harbinger Ventures Group, Inc. provides mergers & acquisitions
advisory. Over the years, our group has proudly advised on industry shaping transactions that have created significant value for insurance agencies throughout the country.  Our group understands the various dynamics of several spaces and what kind of changes participating members must adjust to for growth. Our background in the M&A space and a strong understanding of the
individual needs of our clients throughout all levels of a deal permit us to be uniquely positioned in transaction handling.

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Expert Guidance

Planning for the future is integral for optimizing the path for the years ahead.  We will work you using data driven analytics for both production and operational logistics to ensure the agency gets handed off towards the key members of your agency.  Laying out the stragegy today ensures a smooth transition which will serve you well today and employees/clients as well.

We also will analyze your agency to successfully prepare the agency for a sale when the agency is ready.  Following guidelines and best practices, we can evaluate the firm's current valuation and what adjustments should be made to unlock value and maximize the firm's potential.

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Raising capital for acquisition financing or working capital needs is each a fundamental avenue towards growing the agency.  With a proven track record and deep rolodex, we understand the equity and debt placement capital structures that exist across the industry in its many facets. Depending on what stage you are in, we have extensive relationships on the equity and debt sides to ensure growth of the business as well as rollover equity for years to come.

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